I Want My E-Mail!

Remember email?  I love email. I think that the email format is a great way to get to know someone in our busy world. You can express complete thoughts. If you email at work, it does not look conspicuous like facebook or texting. You can do it on your break! If you hate your keyboard, a better one is cheap and you don’t have replace the entire device! Texting is nice for working out plans or sending an occasional “hi”, but it’s not a good way to have conversations. Have you ever gotten a text from someone like this?

“Hey! How are you doing?”

That is just annoying.

Now you have to reply “Fine!” or else type in a bunch of stuff on that tiny keyboard. And texting gives people excuses to butcher the English language. Email does not. There is no excuse. You are basically using the same device that Sylvia Plath used when he wrote “The Bell Jar”, yes, right before she committed suicide. You are still here, aren’t you? Stop whining then and take a minute for punctuation and proofreading! And with all that time you have left over, go read The Bell Jar. It is an awesome book.

Oh, and what about the wonderful world of attachments? It’s all there for you in email. You can impress your correspondent with a link to an obscure and edgy music video, a photo of yourself, or just a long and badly formatted joke that has been annoying everyone on the Internet for months (well this defeats the whole incognito-at-work advantage).

I love voice. Don’t get me wrong. Talking on the phone can be great. But not at 10:00 p.m. when my kids are in bed and I am finally sitting down to unwind. Phone calls are nice on weekends when there is time to relax but for mid-week communication, I choose email. Do I sound like I’m trying to talk you into something? LOL ;-DDDDD.